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HomeClix is a fully automated free worldwide Multi Level Marketing platform - sustainable, simple and transparent value chain linking us to our members in mutually beneficial relationships built on trust and win-win outcomes.

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We accept as payment processors Paypal, PM, Payeer & Bitcoin.

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You can get paid $0.04 for your click and up to $0.01 for your referral clicks.

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Registration is absolutely free and open worldwide.

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Safety always comes first. We are prepared for scammers trying to hack our script. Our customers are fully secured with us.

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We do not limit the amount of referrals which you can invite as big amount of members is the important benefit to attract advertisers.

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You can request your payment when you have minimum $2 into your account.

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Our experienced team offers 24/7 support to our members. Contact us anytime and you will get a comprehensive advise or help.

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